When selling or presenting in an international context, your ability to adapt your style to the target audience is critical. What drives success in one area can undermine it in another.

The danger of one communication style

Even with the best of intentions, the scope for misunderstanding and confusion is massive. The following are typical examples of how these can arise.

In each example, the icon represents the person speaking or thinking

Swiss German
The second criterion is...
Sounds a bit stuffy, mate?

Anyway, Ayo...
Actually, my name is Sir

They just don't look happy
You have to earn a
smile here

What do you think
we should do?
Silence is better than standing out or getting
it wrong

If they throw you a
curved ball, make sure
you hit a home run

Your ability to sell and present effectively across the world depends on your ability to navigate 5 key areas successfully:

Thank you for the excellent sessions you ran for our senior people. Your knowledge of languages and different cultures was vital in the multicultural environment in which we operate.

Carole Roberts, Director
Alliance Healthcare

The power of communication agility

It is essential to adapt your style to the country or region you’re in and the people in front of you. For example: using egalitarian language in Scandinavia, presenting data in Germany, communicating with positive emotion in Southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa & Latam and maintaining harmony in Asia will enable you to build powerful relationships and increase your chances of success.

Thank you so much for your brilliant contribution,
which enabled us to present to our new acquisition partners in Brazil in such an effective way.
JJ Bowley, Support Services Division
Babcock International Group plc

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